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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Baby you should let me love you.

Livejournal has been somewhat user friendly.
Got the hang of it already.

I'm enjoying private posts etc.
Maybe you guys should just try livejournal. :D

Oh well, I've been spending lots and lots of moolah.
Hoho, well done.



Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Baby you should let me love you.


W love.
{You can link this too!}


Zoh-mg I look like a chicken now!
I'm half bald now, alibaba why?! ):

Okay, cheer up!
Received something from Juju!
I'm gonna stick everyone's photo on my wall! :D

No wait, I can't.
Anyway I'm moving soon?
Yeaaaa, people have been coming over.
My house is officially a museum now.
Have to pack here and there.

Oh and a few people managed to survive during Math.
I survived!
The rest got kicked out, laughs!

SeeChair got so shocked when I did my work!
Yea, all of em celebrate my birthday till...........
And the belated birthday girl actually did her work.
Shocking! {:

Kay, doing treatment now.
And muching on pizza.


I have really nice classmates.
Nana was telling us about people not going to school.
And teachers have been talking bout this pattern!

So 2 guys turned around, look at me.
I knowwwwwww, having PE is a sin!
And they asked if Fatpig gave any comment
Nana said........ NOOOOOOO!
But I guess they'll find out sooner or later.

I have a new plan. {:
Who knows I might just go for PE!

Oh and er, shitxz.
I cannot remember what I wanna say! @:

Okay I know.
I'm gonna move to Livejournal.
New account!
Will not lock the entries!
Okay maybe those private ones. {:

Right, bye discotilldawn@blog.


Monday, July 30, 2007
Baby you should let me love you.

I'm so happy (NOT!)

Even though it's not really my problem
I'm so worried............. ):
Because you're someone close
Someone whose always there for me
Fight for me when we were lil kids
I really care.

I should've spend time with you when I can.
But I chose not to go visit you guys.

Choices have consequences
We both made the wrong choices.
I'm really sorry.
There's nothing I can do, nothing.

Now I feel so useless I feel like crying.


Hey y'all!
I'm so tired now, it's like 12:08am!
School school school! ):

Anyway, have not done a single homework!
Yea, I miss my qiaopi!


Was about to go to bed when I had a one last look of my blog.
I swear, this year's birthday wishes increased by half!
Even tho it's over alr (damn sad please)
But people still wished me belated birthday! :D
How nice!

Yayness please!
I love everyone who wished me happy birthday/belated birthday!
W much love! <3


And for a moment, I was smiling to the computer.
I smiled like :D!


Saturday, July 28, 2007
Baby you should let me love you.

Happy birthday to me!
I love me!


Thank you for wishing me happy birthday!
I love baby!
I love my friends!

Mwacks mwacks! <3


Friday, July 27, 2007
Baby you should let me love you.

I'm super tired now.

Self declare holiday!
A lil guilty cos some things happened in class and I'm not there.
But, not guilty for skipping PE.

Okay I'm too lazy to blog!
Have to stay up till 12am!
Yesyesyes, say happybirthdaytome! :D


Thursday, July 26, 2007
Baby you should let me love you.

Awesome day man!
Hi I'm back. :D

So people cried and all.
Learnt a lot, and thank god Amin came instead of Adam Khoo.
Anyway Amin is my idol!
Kewl huh!

Some things happened too.
And I read that girl's blog, oh well.
All I can say is...

You know what I'd say!
Didn't you learn the "L" word? (:

So what if my dear baby can't speak properly?
Actually he can, and super fluent.
Just that, you didn't notice and you judge him with 1 look.

So what if you think my baby is acting like some big gangsta?
I know that he's not, and I'm so DAMN glad for that. (:

So what about everything you said bout him?
We've learn so many things today.
And yea, no one cares.

& oh yes yes yes, I made everyone smile with a simple sms.
Yay me! :D


Now, aren't you just jealous of the 5N classes?
Think about it, they're so so so close!

Daddy, how come sec 5s tend to be closer?
4Es are too proud and if you want them to work together, it's like wanting their life.

Hello I actually asked my daddy that, and my answer's the same.
Oh how guilty I am now.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Baby you should let me love you.

I have good news and bad news today.
Right, it's nothing to you guys actually.

Anyway today's a sa *sobs* ad *sobs* day.
Tho I really think that some just cry for the sake of crying.
But, oh well.
You know who you are though. /:
I'm not gonna point to you and laugh at you in your faceee.

Was a lil *shucks* when I had to write some things down.
I didn't have anything to write at all, nothing at all.
Die die die.

Of course the last part of the day is the bestzzzzzzz.
'Cos we had the most charming guy who'll do a thousand stupid faces to make you laugh.
Oh right, you know how creepy the school is at night?
Like, I had to rush to the toilet, and run out cos I was, scared.

So here's what I wanna say...

Good news:
Yay I'm awake, half of me actually. I'll be niceeeeeee even though some people wanna laugh at me and go "you'll have retribution for blogging bout me!" Because the retribution will fall on you first. Well, you were the one who opened your dirty mouth. (:

Fact: Did you know that you can get sued because you call someone racist? You dare me, I dare. {:

Die, that didn't sound very nice.

Bad news:
Actually................ I was gonna say that... Chesna Lin is gonna stop blogging for a while. You can continue visiting my blog, but I'll not be blogging. Who knows, I might just go *poof* and you'll never see me online ever again. :D Now this is actually a good news, say yay!

The End.

&, I forgot what I wanna say.

Did I mention that the charming guy is really smart?
He can really tell whose smoking and whose not.
Aren't you scared of him?